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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 9, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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level clouds again, santa rosa north. could get light rain. we are very, very when the high is only going to be 81 in august. it could be 95, that won't be the case. a beautiful day. 9 to 10:00 looks nice under partly cloudy skies. see the high clouds. whether i the low, beginning to make its move tomorrow. sending in high, mid level clouds, some returns on radar, high based but rain to the north, few light showers, santa rosa, the cloud cover will be with news the morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny later. doing its best to chew up most of the low clouds. upper 50s, low 60for some to th vellejo 60. the low tomorrow, northwest,
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california. might be enough to trigger shower activity, north, better opportunity you go, cooler pattern into saturday. the best opportunity for rain would be saturday and lley look temperatures. sal is here, going to talk about? the bay bridge is light. a crash this san francisco. as we look at the lighter commute, it is helping us out in many respects. westbound bay bridge, see is light. san francisco has recovered from the elier problem. i don't know if you remember me showing it to you, a back up here. they cleared the crabs and everything is gone. this is good commute. this is a sign of a lighter commute. this is a look at 880 oak land. the traffic is okay, no major issues. westbound san mateo bridge looks good. the commutes are off to a
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decent start in the bay area. the three day outside lands music festival starts today at san francisco's golden gate park. there will be extra tight security after the recent mass shootings. elissa harrington is in san francisco now to tell us more about this tight security. >> reporter: good morning. we know this is a huge event here in san francisco. more than 200,000 people expected over this three-day event. you can see a lot of security. there are security guards, there are barriers up, the road is closed to traffic and pedestrians. if you keep walking that way, that's where the main gate is. there is literally miles of fencing. they did add extra security fence this year and additional barriers around the entire perimeter. they worked out a detailed evacuation plan in the case of an emergency. festival attendees can sign up
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for emergency text alerts by texting outside, 88777. safety news are not revealing, officials and police are also working with organizers to provide all resources necessary for a fun and safe weekend. >> ultimately we want people to have a good time. we also want people to respect one another and be vigilant. if you see something, say something. enjoy yourself but also there will be staff, there will be a lot of officers and other people with a goal of keeping you all safe. >> reporter: grass lands is back this year with town square dedicated to cannabis education. there will be cannabis and edibles for sale on done in designated areas. headlining the stage is 21 pilots and tomorrow childish
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gambino and sunday paul simon. marking will be a nightmare, best bet is public transportation. elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. one of three young people shot and killed 12 days ago at the gilroy garlic festival was laid to rest. family members and friends said good-bye to 25 year old trevorerby at his high school this up state new york. the paul barriers wore pittsburgh steelers jerseys, his favorite team. his mom carried a photo of her son and his father was by her side. erby was living in santa cruz and went to the garlic festival with his girlfriend. court tombs show the shooter had an interest in violent ideologies, a clown mask, a wilderness survival guide and a passport and bottle rockets inside his car. they still to want know a motive. fbi is treating this case as
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domestic terrorism. there is no longer a shelter this place order at son jose state you've after an arrest of a man suspected of bringing a gun onto the campus. the campus was locked down last night as police searched for the man who was later found and captured found hiding in the ventilation system. the search started after someone familiar with the suspect saw him in the area with a gun inside a backpack. when police spotted him, he ran and hid in the spartan complex. students were warned by text message warning them to shelter in place. >> the whole place was put into lockdown and everybody was in a place where they could be safe. as soon as we found out there were people within the building, we got them out. >> the suspect surrendered and police say they found a gun this the area, the suspect is >
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police say he was wearing military-style clothing, body armor and had 100 rounds of ammunition. off duty fireman who was armed confronted the man outside and held him until the police got there. no shots were fired. no one was hurt. >> he was compliant with us. his intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody in the business here. he is lucky he is alive to be honest. >> police are checking security video looking for a possible motive. investigid what charges maybe firecents mass shootings. wal-mart is removing violent an from stores. this comes days after the shooting at a wal-mart in el
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paso where 22 people were killed. wal-mart said the company will continue to sell guns. dayton, ohio, authorities released 911 calls revealing the horrific moments after gunfire erupted last weekend. >> there were shots and everybody laid down. >> nine people were killed this less than a minute in a downtown entertainment area sunday morning. the gunman was shot and killed by police before many of those 911 calls were placed. there are shocking new developments in the attack in el paso. the mother of the suspected gunman says she called police weeks earlier to ask for information about the she conta the al
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concerned about whether he aware of that call. for information and facts we compiled on gun violence in america, head to you will find links to studies and other resources and media reports. go to, search for guns in america, no politicians or advocates, just the facts. bayer proposed paying up to $8 million to settle 18,000 american lawsuits related to the weed killer round up. lawyers for bayer want a settlement to resolve all current and future cases. bayer bought round up as part of its $63 billion takeover of monsanto last year. bayer lost all three of the first three trials held in california where the juries found monsanto should have
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warned of alleged cancer risk from round up. renewed effort by lawmakers to stop car break-ins. a look at the one proposal in an effort to protect cars and belongings left inside. more information about one of the biggest raids in immigration raid by the government, why almost half of those people detained in mississippi have already been released. good morning. we are off to a nice start, driving on the richmond bridge approach, looks pretty good coming to the toll plaza. cloudy and high and mid level clouds. makes for a beautiful sunrise across the big city. here's your buick sir.
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today a man detained by immigration agents for three months will share his experiences during a vigil outside of the ice offices in san francisco. supporters of lopez say daily city police pulled him over last may and they turned him over to ice. his supporters say this violates california's sanctuary law. he was released on monday while his case goes through the courts. half the workers detained during a sting at mississippi
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food plants are back with their families. the raids happened wednesday at 7 factories in the central part of the state. ice says agents surrounded the perimeters to keep workers from leaving. 680 undocumented workers were taken in to custody. 300 released and awaiting court hearings. local communities are rallying around the children who are pleading for the return of their parents. he is not a criminal. >> ice says it tried to ensure that children were not left to fin for themselves and the 300 people released were for humanitarian factors as they wait for deportation hearings. 40,000 people are on waiting lists in mexican border cities to chairman asylum this
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tijuana alone, which is struggling to house and feed the immigrants. many of them are fleeing from gang violence and poverty in central america. in june, mexico agreed to help the trump administration with a new policy that requires asylum seekers to wait in mexico as their applications are processed. because of a grass fire and evacuation orders in e verdict and homes are in danger this lake county as firefighters battle the fire. it started yesterday afternoon on sota bay road and golf drive in kelseyville near clear lake an evacuation shelter is set up for people in the riviera west common tivment 19 acres have burned. at last check it's only 30 point contained. cal fire says 40 homes and buildings are still in danger. a man who had opinion hospitalized after being badly bunked in the campfire in paradise last november has now
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died. butte county sheriff's department says 72 year old paul earnest died of death rais 86. the campfire is the deadliest wild fire in california history. governor newsom will visit a san diego program to highlight investments in affordability and hackes the. coeducate inning people wall health and social services. what many would consider scary is about to come through colorado right now. wildlife officials say thousands of those tarantulas expected to start annual migration through the state soon and expected to last through early october. the scientists say most are 10 year old oklahoma brown
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tarantulas and want to mate with females hiding in the grass lands. a bite could cause an energy or allergic reactions the hairs can be irritating to the eyes and mouth and nose. if you come across a tarantula, here are rubber ducks. more than 60,000 rubber ducks. ey. >> reporter: dropped in to the chicago river for the annual rubber duck derby. people adopted ducks for $5 each raising money for the special olympics of illinois. the person who adopted the first duck to cross the finish line received a new car. >> my daughter collected ducks for a little while. different themes and unicorned ducks. it was fun. >> there are more ducks there
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than at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is no one at the toll plaza. let me show you what i see. i wasn't being literal when i said no one. it kind of feels like no one at the toll plaza. it is 6:17 and we don't have a big back up at all. this continues. they may not turn the metering lights on. we had a problem in san francisco i thought was going to haven't effect on the bridge but traffic is so light it did not. when the accident in season fran cleared on 101, so did the back up. this is interstate 880. that commute looks pretty good. yesterday we were trying to figure t e construction equipment is about. yesterday, i saw them taking the cranes to take the oracle off the colosseum arena. the oracle, as you drive by is no longer there, they are taking the letters down . that's what all this stuff is about. westbound 92, see the traffic is moving along well.
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san mateo bridge, traffic is moving well. silicon valley commute is do i think very well. doing very well. heading out, zip trip to clayton. a fortunate forecast for us. mix of sun and clouds. partly cloudy, high today 81. anyone who lives out there will tell you that's a beautiful day in august. heading to outside lands, more this to the way of high and mid level clouds. temperatures in the 60s and dropping to the upper 50s by tonight. 92 livermore on tuesday. 76 yesterday. that's 88 is normal. that's pretty impressive. radar is pecking up high based returns. best opportunity would be to the north.
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santa rosas call so ga north. friday night, saturday morning with the best opportunities as the low, this is not something we see too often this time of year. tahoe and truckee, could be thunderstorm activity popping up from that system, making the move this the next 24 hours. s and 60s on the temperatures. higher clouds are coming in. if we get shower activity, i would think it would be brief or light. takes a while to juice things up a little bit. cooler pattern for most. sometimes you can get a south wind. showers to the north on saturday look to be possible. maybe thundershower activity also because of thundershowers you get the lightning which will increase the fire danger.
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60s, 70s, 80s on your temperatures. possibility of showers to the north. this after that it clears out. warmer weather sunday and monday. democratic hopefuls are in iowa, the currents race for the democratic presidential nomination, and candidates are doing to secure support from primary voters. deliberations continues in oakland's ghostship warehouse trial.
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[music] this reminds me of cal. big cal fan the football games. counting crows will be at outside lands this weekend. thank you for requesting this song for lana who came in on our twitter page. if there is a special song you want to hear, let me know,ly play your request.
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a south bay lawmaker is presenting new state funding today to help stop car break- ins. this morning, he will deliver money in secured funding to police departments and the district. milpitass, santa clara and san jose will receive 750,000 dollars to replicate successful public awareness campaigns down in other cities. the money will also be used to conduct outreach, funds overtime for officers and pay for signs and equipment that would prevent car break-ins. berkley, two people are under na va rett. police say more than 30 vehicles were damaged in a series of thefts since late july. the suspects are being held at
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santa rita jail. incredible story, a san jose family is hoping shocking surveillance video will lead to the arrest of a burglar who rummaged through their house while they were at home. this happened wednesday morning on east san fernando near the downtown area. ed cruz was doing yard work, his wife was in the shower when a man went in and out of their home spending a total of eight minutes inside. when cruz found food outside he realized someone else had been there. >> he comes in and rummaging through things and steals the jewelry box. the whole time she is in here showering. she just came back from the philippines. a lot of us was things she got when she was a kid from her mother. the family alerted neighbors on
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next door who shared more video of the thief walking down the streets minutes earlier. they believe he is homeless and say from the video, he appeared to be intoxicated. the family has installed more cameras and a new alarm system. the jury in a ghost ship fire trial is home for the weekend with deliberations set to resume monday morning. the 9 women and three men determining the fate of almena and harris deliberated for five days without reaching a verdict. we wanted to know if that means anything and asked retired judge larry goodman. he says there is no way to tell how a jury is leaning. >> you can get guilty verdicts in two hours, not guilty verdicts in two hours. you can have a jury that wants to hash over every detail and will take two or three days or two weeks. >> goodman says it's likely the jury is simply taking its time to review the evidence in what
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is considered a high stakes case. security is a top condition at the outside lands music festival. up next, to festival grounds for the extra precautions oh organizers are taking to keep people safe. major league baseball heading to iowa. the two teams playing in a field of dreams game. first, we want to take you to the west shore of lake tahoe, beautiful sunrise. the boats are ready to head out. you are watching mornings on 2. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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live to the opening bell this morning, we are watching san francisco based uber after it announced a record $5 billion loss for the quarter. we will have the details and business news coming up this today's dollars and cents. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's a friday, it's august 9th, i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. the national oceanianic and atmospheric association says there will be 4 hurricanes. five to nine could be strong enough to become hurricanes. two of the four classified at category 3 to 5. peak atlantic
6:31 am
hurricane season runs from august through october. it's possible. we will ask steve paulson, that is significantly higher than usual. >> it's been a very, very quiet atlantic season because there m sheer. lower level winds which prevent it from forming. el nino is collapseing to neutral. that would be one of a positive, if you will. the water is warm enough. there is cool water to the north. the sheer is the main problem this the atlantic. eastern pacific up to h, henrietta. we are fortunate, it won't be hot. partly cloudy skies, temperatures this the 60s and highs 81 degrees. a beautiful day. i can get close, 62 by the
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concord pavilion, there around the corner. walnut creek 62. black hawk 55. low 60s for most. outside lands, partly cloudy, a lot of these are high clouds. the high in the city 66 degrees. maybe a little bit of shower activity popping up. montecito lake county, the best opportunity i said san to ra is a, calistoga north, i will stick to that for now. northern sacramento valley is the area with the greatest possibility of thunderstorm activity. if you are going shasta, northeast california, tahoe. this is keeping us on the cooler side. cloud cover over us. under mostly cloudy skies. if we get light rain, it would be just that very, very light. cool pattern for most. take news .
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temperatures moving up on sunday. if we get shower activity it will be tonight into saturday morning. sal is here. talking about oakland, there is a structure fire burning east 11th and 25th in oakland. this has gone to a second alarm. 880 traffic, closer to where the fire is, you might be able to see it. we have, if you can bring in the emeryville camera in the studio. take our emeryville camera, i had dave turn the camera, you can see the fire and the smoke from downtown oakland and it's visible and visible from the freeway. we have a crew that's going to go check this out. it's gone in to second alarm oakland fire tweet they had are about to get one of the truck companies with a ladder pipe operation. that's when they put up the big ladders and have water streaming at thousands of gallons per minute on
6:34 am
25th. we are on our way. we will let you know more. less go back to oakland, 880 looks okay. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. san francisco continues to be all right with no major issues and the commute in san jose looks good and i will let you know, sfo is not reporting major flight delays. people on the weekends take flights. back to the desk. several democratic askeddeds are in iowa for the state fair and a chance to meet voters. allie rasmus joins us now to talk about the new polls that show a shift in the front runners. >> how the candidates do this the next month is on the sideli
6:35 am
in order to qualify for the next debate if september, candidates have to have 2%. they have to have 130,000 separate donors. joe biden still leading the field with 28%. liz bewarren surged swapping places with bernie sanders who dropped behind kamala harris. pete buttigieg rounds out the top five. some credit i her performance in last week's debate. >> eni saw how, eloquent she was, that poll shows people, i'm not the only one that saw that in her. >> the poll was big win for entrepreneur andrew yang health is qualified for theson democratic debate. joe biden is at the hawaii state fair campaigning and udin
6:36 am
steve bulloch, warren and ca ma ha harris. beto o'rourke is not campaigning in iowa. he remains in his hometown of el paso, texas. fewer than 10 candidates meet the requirements for the debate, that debate maybe held on one day instead of the two day contest we saw elier this summer. democratic leaders have been lobbying president trump to move ahead with new gun control legislation after the mass shooting attacks in dayton and el paso, texas. has doug luzader reports from washington, it doesn't appear anything will happen soon since lawmakers are on summer vacation. >> reporter: gun controlled a vase since a real opportunity, washington has become a ghost town. the tumble weeds might as well be blowing across the capitol grounds. hallways are empty and virtually no members of congress are here during this summer recess and president trump departs today for a 10-
6:37 am
day vacation in new jersey after to come one something that is going to be really very good, beyond anything that's been done so far. >> reporter: he spoke on the phone with democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they are pushing a bill to expand back ground, which for gun buyers, something that passed the house but the white house suggested the president would veto it and nra facing internal problems put out a statement suggesting it was open to ideas to prevent violence but many proposals are nothing more than sounds bite solutions failing to address the root of the problem, confront criminal behavior make our community safer. mitch mc connell, the subject of death threats over this issue, said he was open to something. >> we are going the begin the discussions here in the august break, when we get back, hopefully, we will be in a position to afree on th
6:38 am
a bipartisan basis and go forward and make a law. >> reporter: there are no plans to bring congress back to town early. doug luzader, ktvu fox2 news. as doug told us, senate majority leader mitch mc connell won't call lawmakers back in to session to debate gun control despite a letter signed by 200 mayors urging him to reconvene the senate. 2200 signed including london breed, libby schaaf and san jose mayor sam la cardo. >> anyone can buy a gun and victimize our residents. we need national leadership. mayors are willing to step up. we knead a congress to step up as well. >> mc connell says gun legs will be front and center once the senate is back in session in september. now, there are two proposed bills expanding background checks for gun sales, the house
6:39 am
passed those bills earlier this year. meeting with tech companies about extremism and how to identify and combat it. the white house has not yet put out a list of the specific participants. president trump is not expected to attend. he directed the justice department to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike. san francisco, the outside lands music and arts festival starts today at noon and n golden gate park. organizers predict 210,000 people will attend the 3-day event. after the mass shootings there will be extra security including a second security fence around the perimeter. the city and the festival have been working out detailed evacuation plans and other security measures as a precaution. >> we want the public to know we stand prepared with a security plan fears that some o
6:40 am
the people who plan to attend this concert might have. >> if you are going, you can s small bags, fanny packs and purses and for the first time the city will allow the sale of cannabis at the festival. festival goers, take muny or ride shares to cutdown on traffic jams. san jose jazz summer fest starts today. the first test of the police department's new guardian program to respond to a possible active shooter. the san jose police chief says the program is in response to the recent tragedies in gilroy, el paso and dayton two. officers will be stationed at schools and public events and will be specially trained to respond to an active shooter. today mornings on 2 will spend a full hour shining the spotlight on a single community and a summer zip trip. heading to clayton home of the young and the young at heart.
6:41 am
find out about its rich history, dates pack to before the am will learn about the restaurants, places where long time neighbors often bump in into each other. >> they used to go to the city in walnut creek. not my more. they come here now. >> clayton is a place with a can-do attitude, evident in the way people rallied together to build a library to a bocce ball court. >> what was heres with a vacant lot. owned by the family and they were never going to build anything on it if this didn't work. >> join us live from the grove and downtown clayton this morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp. if you can't make it out there in person to say hello, watch live here on ktvu and we are following breaking news, massive fire broke out at
6:42 am
an oakland warehouse this morning. there is a live picture with the smoke. we will get you the latest developments as more crews are over amazon's partnership with ring doorbell cameras, and police departments around the
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welcome back. covering breaking news in oakland. we want to take you live to the photo, here is the video of this fire. it is burning east 11th and 25th avenue, not far from 880. we understand it is a warehouses we don't have a lot of information about what might be in the warehouse. this is our live camera from emeryville. we have a crew on the way to the scene. this is a fire in oak land at a warehouse, we will bring you the latest developments as soon as we get them. the new amazon ring cameras are making many people peel more secure but some say it's also violating their privacy. the company is reportedly teaming one police departments all over the country so users
6:46 am
can artheir devices with the police to help out in an investigation. some privacy advocates are worried this will let the police access views from hundreds of cameras at any given time for any reason. the police can ask for your permission for a video or request it from amazon within 60 days of recording it, if it was uploaded to cloud. according to ban fable, more than 200 police departments including foster city have joined this ring partnership. on demand delivery business post mates is expected to receive the permit to test sidewalk delivery robots this san francisco. authorizing testing of three robots. the rover call serve uses cameras and can carry 50 pounds up to 25 miles on one charge notch word on when that permit
6:47 am
will be issued. the government is telling airlines and passengers how it will enforce rules for animals people bring on to planes. airline employees can keep any animal off of a plane they consider a safety threat. airlines however cannot ban an entire cat or dog breed such as pit bulls. the government says i does not plan to stop airlines from asking passengers reasonable questions about a service animal's vaccinations and training and behavior. the airlines can require advanced if frontier is offerin flif your name is green, or greene and book a flight that departs next tuesday. return flights must run by august 20th. it's part of the green week initiative. tomorrow night, the 49ers open their preseason against the dallas cowboys at levi
6:48 am
stadium. the list of players you will not see might be more important than the list of players you will see. the rookie pass rusher nick posa will be out the preseason with an ankle sprain. jimmy will skip the game as well. he is due to play against the denver broncos in a monday night exhibition game on the 19th. oakland raiders, they will be playing their preseason owner tomorrow night hosting the la rams. they have been holding joint practice as at the raiders training catch in napa and a couple of scuffles out there. raiders played their young players tomorrow night. antonio brown is still out. suffering frostbite on his feet from a problem with cryotherapy that he went through. see the raiders, rams game, here on ktvu fox 2. game starts
6:49 am
at 5:00 tomorrow night. this is expected to be the final raiders season in oakland. if you build it, major league baseball will come. next august , the yankees and white sox will play in iowa's field of dreams. temporary 8000 seat wall ballpark constructed in the farm. this is part of baseball's came pain to bring major league makes me wants to see that movie again. sal, you are busy. you are following several things including what is happening in downtown oakland. >> we are taking this picture from the emeryville camera, looking downtown oakland.
6:50 am
behind the tall buildings near the freeway, east 11th and 25th , there is a warehouse on fire. it's visible from 880. let me show you 80 northbound, it was light. you can see it slowing down because you can see the firefighters and the smoke clearly from the freeway fighting this fire at a warehouse, east 11th and the 25th. please, if you are taking the road into oakland, use 580, it will be better and a better trip for you. bay bridge, not a big crowd, westbound, small delay into san francisco and across the bridge it looks pretty good. no problems this the silicon valley commute. that commute continues to look pretty good. let's bring in steve. thank you, sirch lot of high clouds over us, more so than low clouds. patchy low clouds. clayton here we could not have been more fortunate on forecast august. partly cloudy, 50ss high today
6:51 am
81. that's a nice foreif you are he to outside lands, fog is not a big issue. partly sunny, mostly sunny later on. it drops off at night, 58. livermore on tuesday was 92. yesterday 76 beautiful degrees. that's 12 degrees below average for this time of year. the higher clouds and radar returns but high based. better opportunity for montecito county and lake county for today and more likely tomorrow. that low begins to make its move there, providing good lift. you will get that and steep lapse race in the atmosphere. that could trigger thunderstorm activity. mainly confined to the northern sacramento valley. maybe few light showers today. likely from that low tomorrow.
6:52 am
maybe sierra as well. s that low moves through that's going to provide good instability. 50s, 60s on the temperatures. that's a strong system. giving us a lot of mostly cloudy skies in the morning and partly sunny in the afternoon. it keeps us on the cool side. 15-20 in the sacramento valley tomorrow. below average. showers to the north. santa rosa, calistoga north. 60s, 70s, 80s in the temperature range today and the same tomorrow. we will warm it up sunday. another low due next week. big changes coming to california's great american theme park in the south bay. the new rides and the
6:53 am
restaurants with a completely transformed water park called south bay shores. first, would you believe four mountain lions caught on camera. stay tuned, we will tell you where in the bay area they were. right now, though, [music] getting you ready for the weekend. live surf line picture from sharp park pier in pacifica, just for you. you are watching mornings on 2, ktvu fox2 news. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone.
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. ♪[ music ] ♪ a pocket full of mumble ♪ all eyes >> paul simon, headlining this weekend. thank you for your requests for traffic jams. i am about to leave for our trip at clayton. i'll see you at 9:00. my very good colleague allie rasmus is taking over. she's going to do traffic. and we'll cover that fire, too. thanks for playing along. we'll go back to the desk. if you want to put in a request for themes, hit me up.
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use the #ktvu. >> see you later. happening today, more than 3,000 students will be getting new backpacks and school supplies for the upcoming school year in san jose. it's part of sacred hart community services, education campaign. it helps families manage the high cost of living in silicon valley. they're still collecting new backpacks and school supplies. they need things like black or gray backpacks. usb drives and child-safe scissors. you can drop off donations on south first street in san jose. teaming up with famed pilot, sully sullenberger, to push for new airline safety rules. east bay congressman mark desonya and sully sullenberger are promoting the safe landing act. an air canada flight came within 14 feet of hitting one of four planes packed with passengers that were still on
6:58 am
the ground at sfo. an investigation later revealed that the flight crew mistook a taxi way for a runway. >> we can no longer define safety solely as the absence of accidents. we must do more than that. we must work harder than that, we must be more proactive than that. >> we've got a good system. but that means we should be constantly vigilant to make it better. >> the legislation would require the faa to create a system to warn pilots when an incoming plane is not lined with the right runway. it also would change the way pilots around the country are informed about developing safety problems. time is now 6:58. the national parks service wants a controversial plan for shooting elk at point reyes. the past five years, the herd of elk has grown, from 76 into the hundreds. and that bigger herd has been hurting livestock and damaging ranch property. well, the park service says it
6:59 am
could shoot up to 15 elk a year, to slowly reduce the herd. but some environmental groups are against that. they say they would prefer that the park service end all ranching in that area. the park service expects to have a final plan in place by early next year. take a look at this. caught on camera. yeah. those are mountain lions. roaming around one of the bay area's highest mountain peaks. you can see onaround the santa cruz mountains. doesn't appear had any contact with humans at that level. we have breaking news. these are live pictures downtown oakland. firefighters at the scene of this three-alarm warehouse fire. crews are headed there now. we'll have the latest information. an intense search for a man
7:00 am
with a gun on a popular university campus. details on the suspect detained and where he was hiding during that lockdown. and the outside lands music festival kicks off outside san francisco. what is being done to keep everyone safe in the wake of the recent mass shooting. good morning. thank you for joining us. welcome to friday, august 9th. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. good morning. we want to start first with that breaking news. in oakland, crews are battling a three-alarm fire. this is video from our emeryville camera. and here's new video into our newsroom. that fire is happening at east 11th street at 27th avenue. you can see,


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